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Keeping a watchful eye



The Joomla Project takes security very seriously and Joomla Content Management System is very secure but no software is really 100% free from hacking. So what do you need to do to secure your Joomla Website?

The first thing you should do is select a  hosting company with experience particularly with Content Management System Websites. Select hosting companies that provide specific support for Joomla CMS and one that can outline what security measures they take with your installation. The basic questions are:

  • What version of Joomla CMS do you provide?
  • Is safe_mode off in your the configuration of php?
  • Are you using php5?
  • What operating system will my Joomla CMS be running on? We strongly recommend Linux!

Secondly, you should always pay attention to Joomla CMS security news at The Joomla Security Center. This is the Central clearing house for all Joomla CMS security news. As a Joomla Connections client, we will take the latest security patch and install it on a "sandbox" website. After installation, we test the site and see if there are any problems with the new patch. Once the security patch is tested, Joomla Connections will automatically update your website and notify you of the update.


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The word "Joomla" is a derivative of "Jumla," which means "all together" in Swahili language (predominantly East African).

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